Sunday, 1 April 2012

Breakfast in Blakeney and Elly Griffiths

Ahh . . .  this is Blakeney in Norfolk at about 10am this morning. I managed to persuade the Lady Friend to go for breakfast at Blakeney as we woke up early. The tide was out so the benches were all accessible. There were hundreds of sea gulls and, er, other birds which we can't identify, and hardly any people. It was actually freezing  - but I was smugly wearing my Aran knitted scarf, the one I did from the Purl Soho PurlBee pattern, and my knitted wrist warmers, so I felt fine.

Quite appropriately, I've been reading a new author this week: Elly Griffiths. I've been reading the first in a series of mystery novels, all set in North Norfolk and featuring forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway. "The Crossing Places" was much better than I thought it'd be, as I rather snobbishly assume crime novels are not always literary in style. I didn't actually follow the storyline too closely, but I really enjoyed the character of Ruth (outspoken, lives alone, likes books!) and the well-observed other characters - as well as the descriptions of the coastline. Griffiths brings out the eerie nature of the salt marshes brilliantly - I was glad the sun was shining as we drove through Salthouse. You can find out more about Elly Griffiths via her website:

Meanwhile, the Debbie Bliss "Darcey" dress continues apace. Photos soon.  I've done the front... surely I can do the back by Thursday?!

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