Monday, 23 April 2012

3KCBWDAY1 : Knitting and Crochet Blog week theme: "Colour"

A rather abstract theme for me, but here goes:
These colours say all that is lovely about the seaside, to me. Lovely bright beach huts, deep blue sky, the grey of the rocks against the blue of the sea . . . not the kinds of colours that fabrics or yarn can reproduce that easily, however.
But seasons do have their own colour palette: magazines at the moment are full of leaf green accessories for the home, or ice-cream pink mixed with lilac or blue. Winter knits are often chunky textured but also darker coloured, in moss green, purple or maroon.
The absence of a true colour can have quite an impact: black and white photos still have a peculiar charm, contrasts still visible among the shades of grey. We often blend a bright colour with a 'neutral', too, to heighten its effect.
I sometimes tease my Lady Friend about the time when she Had Her Colours 'Done' - since she was told that "leopard print never leaves the high street" and "red = power". But I do see that certain colours held up against the face do bring out the colour of the eyes and so do 'suit' us, in the right light. We have our favourite colours, too - often the same since childhood, and somehow as  important a question to ask a new friend (when you are 3 or 4) as "What is your name?" Some of us can practically be identified by the colours of the clothes we 'always' wear.

Final thought about colour: two mothers, Abi and Emma Moore, run the PinkStinks campaign. they protest and campaign against the way that colour is used to designate gender in marketing by toy and clothing companies. A particularly alarming example on their website at the moment is a toy cleaning trolley, packaged in pink, aimed, surely, at a female market.

Clearly, colour isn't all about hand dyed yarn and beach huts - used to define and influence children, it is a potentally damaging tool.

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