Friday, 16 September 2016

Someone else has knitted an allotment!

I just love my LYS. The ladies who work there are often knitting the most amazing things while they staff the till, and this window is just fab. It's an allotment, with the caption "Knit Your Own", above a display of a carrots, beetroot, sweetpeas (my favourites), and more! I love walking past this shop with my toddler as there's always something more to see in the display. Well done, ladies!



Friday, 9 September 2016

One Finished Object! The cotton toddler dress

Oooh, I'm so pleased with myself! Finally, a finished object to share. I've been taking this to my local Crafternoon for what seems like ages. In fact, last time, although I was at the sewing up stage, the ladies looked rather surprised to see that it was still going!

I can't seem to remove the first picture, so you get two of it in all its glory! Greens and blues don't photograph terribly well, so the colours are greener in real life. I'm so pleased with how it's turned out. More on my Ravelry page about (veery minor) changes I made to the original pattern. I think this will be great for my daughter, over leggings or on its own while the weather is nice. Now, what to knit next??