Friday, 16 September 2016

Someone else has knitted an allotment!

I just love my LYS. The ladies who work there are often knitting the most amazing things while they staff the till, and this window is just fab. It's an allotment, with the caption "Knit Your Own", above a display of a carrots, beetroot, sweetpeas (my favourites), and more! I love walking past this shop with my toddler as there's always something more to see in the display. Well done, ladies!



Friday, 9 September 2016

One Finished Object! The cotton toddler dress

Oooh, I'm so pleased with myself! Finally, a finished object to share. I've been taking this to my local Crafternoon for what seems like ages. In fact, last time, although I was at the sewing up stage, the ladies looked rather surprised to see that it was still going!

I can't seem to remove the first picture, so you get two of it in all its glory! Greens and blues don't photograph terribly well, so the colours are greener in real life. I'm so pleased with how it's turned out. More on my Ravelry page about (veery minor) changes I made to the original pattern. I think this will be great for my daughter, over leggings or on its own while the weather is nice. Now, what to knit next??


Sunday, 21 August 2016

One nearly-knitted toddler tunic - oh, and a knitted garden

So, the Sirdar knitted tunic is SO nearly done! This is despite me sewing the sleeves on to the wrong sides ... Still, despite me changing needles to a smaller size, it's still huge for my daughter, so there's no hurry. I'm really looking forward to seeing her in it. Though it certainly isn't cheap to knit, I am loving the Sirdar DK cotton so it's been very enjoyable to work on. In fact, variegated yarns must be en vogue at the moment, as several of my knitting group are working with similar yarns. In contrast to some, the colours in this cotton have worked out spread quite evenly through the knitting, giving it an even appearance too. Lovely.

Love, love, loving our local wool shop, too. Here is their knitted allotment!! Vegetables, fruit, sunflowers, bees - it's ace.


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Some cheery yarnbombing appears!

Just when I am feeling I never get enough time to knit, someone nearby clearly has time to spare! This appeared on a lamppost and it is just lovely. A lovely sight, and a lovely thing.


Friday, 10 June 2016

Vintage pattern haul

Excitement! A friend dropped off a huge bag of knitting patterns the other day, which she'd seen at a church sale and scooped up at speed for me. Of course, many are the vague 1980s patterns that no one really wants - but some are ACE! I need, need, need to see my toddler in one of these!

I particularly love the one with birds on in the top photo, so I think I'll buy the yarn for that, then drop some heavy hints to mum about knitting it... But the 60s style cardigans with those lovely colours are also lovely. What a good haul!


Friday, 22 April 2016

What have I been doing with my time?!

I *have* been knitting, in amongst the working, driving and toddler-wrangling! I'm writing this in a precious, free moment while Small is at nursery. This is my latest project:

I usually avoid any yarn that is variegated or flecked, but this is just gorgeous-it's a tight cotton and the colours go so well together. I had worried that this kind of mercerised cotton would be too shiny for knitting a garment, but the shop where I bought it had a top knitted up in the 4-ply version and it was beautiful and not too shiny at all. This is going to be a tunic dress for Small, the "Rosina" tunic dress from Ravelry by Libby Summers. I've already put some notes on Ravelry in case anyone is thinking of knitting this.

I also managed a quick Easter basket which I finished on, er, Easter Saturday!

This is from a free pattern from the Let's Knit website and it was a quick crochet project in double crochet and DK yarn.

It's been so hard to find time for blogging, though I've kept up with reading other people's blogs! Still, I'm hoping that now I've got a bit more time to myself, I'll feel like it's a 'current' blog. So, thank you for reading, and more very soon!


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Knitting, coffee, knitting ...

Yes, I do get some peace and quiet sometimes! I was lucky enough to be given a subscription to the delicious Pom Pom Quarterly this year and I loved it. The patterns are trendy without being alienating and they're so well styled - on people of all sizes, with tattoos, hair dye - real people who look like you'd like to be friends with them. Although I must admit I haven't made any of the patterns yet (but when does that stop us buying pattern books?!), I really, really would make lots of them. I see on Ravelry people have already made several which look great, so that makes me more likely to try! I do find women's patterns so frumpy, so this magazine gives me hope!