Thursday, 5 April 2012

Debbie Bliss Crochet "Darcey" Dress - Complete!!

I am *so* excited - and also rather relieved. The Debbie Bliss dress I offered to make to wear as a bridesmaid's dress is finally done. I bought the wool rather spontaneously on a trip to Cafe Knit, on a wool-cafe-I-can-crochet high... then felt quite worried about whether I'd get it done in time for the wedding this Saturday. Everyone I mentioned it to gave me a rather concerned look - particularly when I went back to Cafe Knit on Tuesday and they clearly expected me to have finished it ;). Still: all was well, after a TV-athon yesterday (just how many episodes of Lip Service, Desperate Housewives and, er, Corrie does it take to crochet a dress?!) and sewing up of seams today:

Here's one piece on the floor! I was really glad I'd made it two pattern repeats longer than the book said; when I held it up against myself last week, it was rather too baby-dollish for a 38 year old  bridesmaid, in my view.

Although I was suddenly scared the pieces were going to be different sizes, all was TA DAH!

I have a multitude of coloured slips to wear underneath - the bride can choose. Phewwwweeee. I am going out tonight just to celebrate its completion!


  1. That's lovely! i might just have to make one for myself :-)

    Enjoy your well deserved celebration!


  2. Thank you! I was really pleased with it - and so was the bride, thank goodness ;)

  3. Couldn't get this pattern book in NZ ... so has taken till now for it to arrive. Your dress is stunning...Would love to see a pic of the woman in it. I am busy making an amended version for myself and having never read patterns (always just looked at the picture pattern - none here in this pattern) so it took me 3 hours for the first 4 rows...then well the pattern was in my head and it's whipping up fast, fine and gorgeous...can't wait to see it on.

    Thanks for blog post, your pictures, crochet and commitment are amazing and inspirational, thanks.

  4. Beautiful! I have been eyeing up this pattern and I think I may just give it a go.. How was it to wear? Hx

    1. I loved wearing it! The only issue was that buying an underslip thing wasn't as easy as I'd expected! So I'd look out for one well before you need it - but I now have three in different colours. I've worn it several times! Good luck if you make it! X