Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Knitting Wool - and Spring Flowers!

This is the yarn for my baby jumpers, heading for Cavern4. Each jumper will be mostly cream, with stripes of either Mint or Mulberry - I hope they'll be nice. Mind you, they are currently taking second place to my on-going crochet dress project. I'm hoping that this evening's trip to Knit and Natter at Lavenham's Cafe Knit will help me to make headway! Easter seems to be looming large and I don't want to be crochetting in the passenger seat, while the Lady Friend hurtles along the A428....

Mum's daffodils  - and sticky buds! A family tradition - and what you get for being the daughter of a primary school teacher! The buds are from the horse chestnut in my parents' garden and are, along with the daffs, such a lovely sign of Spring.

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