Monday, 30 July 2012

She cooks, she crochets....

So often, patterns for crochet accessories are frumpy and/or downright unnecessary - but two patterns I've come across thie weekend have been so beautiful and timely that I've just had to make them.  I've set my chunky Sarah Dallas jacket to one side in favour of crochet collars and necklaces. Above is my crochet collar in progress. This pattern is from - a beautiful blog, with gorgeous pictures of Emma's crochet makes, as well as other aspects of her life in Wiltshire. This collar is just lovely to make: it curves really nicely, and seems pretty easy, too - and quick! My only disappointment is my own wool: because I was so keen to start it, I rather ignored Emma's yarn advice on the although the colour of this is lovely (I wanted a tea-stained, vintage-y colour), the cheapy DK is making the whole thing rather bulky. Still, now I know it works up so nicely, I can buy some proper 4-ply cotton.

My second crochet effort at the moment is a necklace, designed by Carol Meldrum at You can find this pattern at This is made with a teency hook - 2mm - so I am practising it with a rather girly pink to see if it works. The cotton is Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton 4 ply. It's got quite a nice texture but splits *really* easily so I'm having to undo stitches every so often as I haven't managed to hook every strand through each time. I've added, here, 12 more chains to the original number . . .  will report more on my amendments when it's done!

What else have I done recently? Oh: read Alison Bechdel's fabulous graphic memoir about her mother and her own childhood, Are You My Mother? I've written a review of this, so more to come.

 And, finally:

I bought Peyton & Byrne's British Baking a few weeks ago, and made the blueberry and hazelnut crumble recipe from it yesterday, as British blueberries are on sale at the moment. This was just delicious - like eating warm blueberry jam . . .

Anyway: it's Stitch n Bitch tonight, so better sort out my knitting bag. 


  1. Your taupe collar turned out so pretty, but I know what you mean about the yarn advice. I used leftover shiny DK yarn and suffice to say it looks hideous on 50 year old me :) You are right, a thinner yarn would be better, good luck on finding the right yarn!
    By the way, I've used the sirdar luxury cotton 4 ply before. The yarn is indeed splitty and a pain to knit with, but the tank top I knitted it with is very soft to wear.
    The crumble looks dangerously yummy!

  2. Yes - I've bought some more yarn - a cotton - and will post a pic soon, as part of Wednesday WIP. You're right about the Sirdar - I've nearly finished the necklace and it does look good. It was just a bit of a pain to do - not sure I'd venture to do a whole top! thank you for your comment.