Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hooray! One Completed Knitting Project: My Jumper!

If you have seen me on Ravelry celebrating this already, then I apologise! I am, though, really pleased with this, my most recent knitting project - it's not often I can tout an FO, even if it's not Friday. Knitted in Sirdar Click Chunky, this was really quick and not too pricey. The back and sleeve are plain, so there's just enough pattern to keep your interest along the front. The original pattern was designed for Sirdar's Connemara Chunky, which is variegated and not really my kind of thing. I thought I'd jolly up the useful grey with the red which I had left over from a Wibbling Wools sale last year. The Lady Friend pointed out that this looks, basically, like a kid's jumper - but hey, that's part of its appeal. It looks like you could wear it on the beach, going for a walk, or sitting outside a country pub drinking real ale in the evening. . . .  Perfect.

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