Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday's #WIP : all about crochet!

As I reported on Monday, it's all about the crochet at the moment: this rather shady picture shows the necklace from a free pattern by Carol Meldrum on The Making Spot. The fun part - the actual crochet - is done, but I haven't sewn the button on yet. The pattern says it needs blocking - I normally never do this as I just can't really be bothered (shame on me!), but I did wonder if I should here, as the arches do poke up a bit... then I had a genius idea:

Here is the necklace, underneath Nigella Lawson! Pressing it like a pressed flower has done the trick nicely, so today I'll sew the button on.

And _here_ is the completed @Lululoves1000 collar (website given in Monday's post). I bought some *gorgeous* 4 ply cotton to make this in, as the DK wool (I use the term loosely) one in taupe here is actually too bulky for me. This cotton is new at Mill House Fabric - it's DMC Natura Just Cotton, and the colour here is Jade. It doesn't quite fit my made in Britain policy - but it is from France, so somewhere, er, nearby. The colours in this range are just *lovely*: I really want to make loads more. Mill House Fabric has a good range of haberdashery stuff, though they only sell crochet cottons and not wool now (they used to stock wool upstairs). They don't have a website but you can find them in shop directories for Suffolk.

So, today's challenges: sewing on buttons and crocheting more of the Jade collar. I don't care if it rains!


  1. It looks lovely. I'm glad the squishing between two books worked for you XD.

  2. Now that's a pretty collar! Love the jade colour - I'd make an exception for that too!

  3. haha what a cheater!

    Now I want a lovely crochet necklace tooooo! modelled photos please :D