Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday's #WIP, Graffiti Knitting & More Adventures in Haberdashery

So, here is my current #WIP: a jacket, for me. It's a Sarah Dallas moss stitch jacket from Rowan's Scottish Inspirations, using lovely Debbie Bliss Glen  wool I picked up in the Cafe Knit sale. It's beautiful wool; I'm just hoping it knits up like the pattern as I was too lazy to knit a tension square . . . am I the only one?! I am rather too near the sea in North Norfolk in this picture - I had to shift back a bit a few moments after I took this. I'm rather pleased with my cheapy jelly shoes, too!

Norwich  library has a fantastic selection of knitting and crochet books - and look what some knitters have done to the section!

This probably isn't technically yarn-bombing, actually, as it's to advertise a new Knit and Natter group they're starting up there - but it looks great.

No trip to Norwich is complete without a rummage in the haberdashery department of Jarrolds, and here is one of my mug huggers en route:

They have some gorgeous VV Rouleaux ribbon on sale which i'm rather regretting not having bought: lace plus velvet . . .  hm, maybe I can give them a ring. . . .  ;)  I did manage to buy some red "Live...Love...Laugh" ribbon and a Rico Aran pattern - they had lots of lovely things.

I wonder if I can take a break from the jacket - much as I love it - to have a go at the crochet necklace and collar I've Tweeted about . . .  they're beautiful and there are so few crochet things I actually *know* I will use....


  1. That is a great way to advertise for a knitting group..I just came from another blog featuring yarn's giving me ideas...

    btw..the link for the mice pattern in the previous post doesn't work for me...I came here via a search for a good mouse pattern..i need an applique mouse tho!

  2. Eek - you're right. *Apologies*: just amended it and checked it does work.... oops. Sorry to Janet, whose blog it is.

    I know - I am tempted to do a bit of cheeky yarnboming . . . there's another post on my blog about some in Sheringham... I suppose it takes so long to knit things that I don't have time to yarnbomb - though just saying that makes me feel rather sad and old ;)

    Ah - applique. Not sure. Have you tried The Making Spot? x G