Sunday, 18 March 2012

Journeys through the light exhibition at Hungate Medieval Art, Norwich.

Yes, this picture makes Norwich look rather dark and dreary - but, in fact it was just that, yesterday. Still - I wanted to see the new Journeys Through The Light exhibition at the Hungate Medieval Art centre in Norwich. The centre itself is tucked away in a corner, just a few streets from that centre of Norwich, Jarrolds Department Store- but it feels like it's a lot further away from the 21st century than that. The ancient pargetted houses of Elm Hill are just round the corner:
I have been there before, when the exhibition was of medieval stained glass from Norfolk churches. That had all been removed and loaned elsewhere, but the multi-media exhibition, their first modern show, was interesting to see. I must say that some pieces didn't strike me as quite as inventive as their medieval inspirations - but there was a really striking video installation, called Light by Susan Bowman, which showed light rays flickering and beaming across the dark background - there was something quite mesmerising and contemplative about this, and it benefitted, I think, from being in a contemplative setting. If the medieval stained glass windows were attempts by artists to communicate their understanding of God, then perhaps this does the same: it reminded me of pictures illustrating how the Big Bang might have looked - and perhaps that, too, complements a modern Christian's faith today. The space in the church is fantastic, and they have some beautifully produced leaflets showing where in Norfolk medieval stained glass can be found. There is always something thought-provoking on display. I hope they continue to show contemporary, exploratory pieces as well as the stained glass. You can find out about the exhibition - and the centre - below:

I spent the afternoon rummaging for knitting wool in Jarrolds and having a lovely lunch with an old friend - so the perfect mixture of high and low brow pursuits!

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