Monday, 2 January 2012

Queen of the Knitted Hottie?

There's Fair Isle Knitting everywhere, due to The Killing. There's also quite a lot written about the origins of the patterns. I don't think I'm up to knitting a Fair Isle jumper, but I wanted to try this kind of pattern. It turns out to be easier than I thought: you just knit the stitch in the colour you want, making a chart on squared paper for the contrast pattern. There are numerous charts and hottie patterns on Ravelry and a great one in Jenny Lord's Purls of Wisdom too, so I just picked one and changed the main pattern to stocking stitch. The wool is Sirdar Click Aran - a lovely cornflower blue and plain cream. This star is knitted through 11 stitches over 11 rows and I arranged them by eye - though I have jotted down their position in case I want to knit another one!

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