Monday, 30 January 2012

Just How Much Knitting Can One Person Wear?

Nice shot of my unfinished Advent calendar in the background there...but these are Jenny Lord's knitted bangles from Purls of Wisdom.  The pattern is also available online - I'll post the link below.  I think I've raved about the book before: it's not a 'basics' knitting book in a tedious way. Some knitting books go over all the basics before getting to any patterns - but this book has a really good ratio of patterns to explanations! In fact, I think finding this pattern online - published in Glamour magazine, no less - was what led me to the book.
As you'd imagine, the swatches for each bangle knit up really quickly. Of these, the left hand one is DK and the right hand one Aran so they're great for little remnants. The book tells you how to do flat, invisible seams too - making the finish neat and flat.  The only thing I found tricky was getting the bangles themselves. I got these in, er, Poundland (! classy !) - but now they're covered in knitting, they are only just big enough in diameter to get over my hand. I have little hands so I'm not sure how other people would cope with this. They have a great texture, though, and are quick and fun to make - what's not to like?

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