Sunday, 5 February 2012

In Which I Go Out - Without Knitting - to a New Cafe.

Now, apart from a scrumptious dinner with friends, the highlight of this weekend was a trip to The Coffee House in Moreton Hall. An article in the local paper announced that two women had started an independent cafe and it's been running over a year now. Following them on Twitter - @TheCoffeeHouse5 - means that I've seen pictures of their lovely cakes and scones, so this weekend, as a treat for my stripey-armed Lady Friend and me after a glamorous trip to the tip - we went to see what it was like. When we got there, I was whimpering with disappointment because they were just about to close .... but they served us anyway! No national big chain is going to do that, we thought smugly. The decor is lovely, there's WiFi - and Bakewell tarts, coffees and the biggest cheese straws ever. Knitted cupcakes in the window - I approve. Lovely coffee too. I have always had little dreams about having my own cafe . . . and this one was disturbingly like the one I'd planned. In my fantasy double-life, in which I write and knit in different caffeine-rich locations all day, this is where I'll go. 

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