Saturday, 5 September 2015

Moany Post about yarn

Hmph. Although my last post featured a lovely shawl very near completion, I *still* don't have a triumphant FO picture. I just didn't have enough wool left to complete the shawl. The pattern definitely states that it needs only two balls, and I checked I'd used the right needle and done the pattern correctly. A quick check on Ravelry showed that the pattern was fine BUT that someone else had found a ball of this yarn (Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal) to be too light and too short!!! This had never occurred to me as a possibility. So I followed this knitter's example and emailed Designer Yarns, who distribute Debbie Bliss in the UK. No reply to my email, so I then rang them. Things got a bit better at this point and they immediately sent me a replacement - same dye lot etc. In vain I waited... and waited .... and Royal Mail admitted they've lost my parcel! They've been pretty hopeless - although my local post lady has been helpful, the office have been dire. I have had to chase them twice, only to be told that 10 days might elapse before they even ring me back! How hard can it be to keep track of a parcel?! Not impressed with this at all. They've advised me to ring the company back and the company are to make a claim against them for a replacement.

So I rang DY again and they're sending me another one - only now, they don't have the same dye lot. I am SO hoping that this turns up....

I must say that this saga has put me off Debbie Bliss a bit. The balls of wool are about £12 each and I think there's a huge difference between making a shawl for £24 and for £36; I'm glad I didn't just go and buy another ball.

So, all my Bank Holiday knitting plans were thwarted. I've had to start a quick baby cardigan instead, but hopefully the shawl will eventually be done. It's autumn, now, after all, and I want to wear it!

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