Thursday, 14 February 2013

Nothing like a last minute #crochet WIP!

I had a brilliant day yesterday, interviewing Lois from Jenny Wren Yarns in Ipswich and having a chat and a cappuccino made by Abbie at Snobs pop-up coffee shop in the Ipswich Town Hall Galleries.  More on both of these fab Suffolk places to come...

This post is rather short because I'm trying to post via the Blogger app on my iPad - so we'll see how we get on! I was very frustrated yesterday as I couldn't work out how to get photos from the iPad onto the blog - but with a little help from Twitter, I think I've managed it!

So, here goes:

I was very pleased to see a 6-minute crochet heart pattern on the blog of Mollie
Makes magazine.  It took me more like an hour, because I had to look up the American crochet abbreviations half way through and start again .... but I think she'll love it:

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