Monday, 21 January 2013

#HandmadeMonday - My Hat, At Large.

Finally, the Louisa Harding Himalayan Hiking Hat is done! This took three skeins of Debbie Bliss Blue-Faced Leicester Aran (from Les Tricoteuses in North Norfolk) rather than the two skeins the pattern asked for. Frustratingly, the third skein was needed for only two or three rows of knitting - but the pompom took rather a lot of wool. It has been pointed out to me that the pompom may be, er, a little outsized . . .  but I *love* this hat. The pattern is a good mix of cables, rib and bobbles. It's easy to do and the yarn is lovely - really warm, with a lovely texture which isn't too silky or floppy.

I was so pleased to see snow, so that we could go off and photograph it out and about! If you want to make one of these, see Louisa Harding's page about her fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Care, a really worthy cause. This hat is 'Parju', and the pattern for this, plus 5 others, can be found here:

Now, what to knit next? This brilliant charity-shop purchase by my GF has given me an idea:
I feel a tea cosy coming on . . .  How can it be that I have never knitted one of these? Scary thought: could it be that I am turning into someone who knits from those "Knitted Bazaar" books?! Help!
Happy Knitting: what have you made for #HandmadeMonday?


  1. Liking the hat - red is such a great colour isn't it. I don't think that the bobble is too big at all. I look forward to seeing your tea cozy next week :)

  2. The hat is gorgeous! A great colour - and whats a slightly oversized pompom amongst friends???

  3. Your hat looks so snuggly and I agree with you the pom pom is perfect the way it is :)

  4. Lovely hat. I think the pompoms perfect and you finished it in time for the snowy weather.
    Ali x

  5. That's a great hat Grace and the perfect snuggly colour. I've never knitted a tea cosy either so I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. I think you're safe knitting tea cosies but if you get an urge to make a ruffled toilet roll cover with half a barbie stuffed in the top, then you need to worry!