Saturday, 25 July 2015

Nothing like blogging about someone else's knitting

One of the many struggles of motherhood is avoiding all the pink, ruffly, cutesy girls' clothes. I have nothing against a bit of pink, but there are some really ghastly clothes for girls out there. I have been trying to find some little knickers to go under dresses but they are all pink and covered over the back with ruffles ... Then I looked in an old knitting book (Knitting for Children by Louise Daniels) I was given by my aunt, and - hey presto! Lovely knitted baby knickers. My mum is knitting them up, and here they are, so far!



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  1. It's basically all I do, because there are so many knitters out there who have so much more to offer than "what's on my needles"
    Life is wonderful, enjoy it!