Monday, 18 November 2013

She cooks, she knits...

I seem to have been knitting this baby jumper for some time - and the baby has already been born, so last week I thought I'd really better get a move on. It's a lovely pattern which I've blogged about before, from Joelle Hoverson's book, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's knitted in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran on a circular needle, so (if you just crack on with it) it knits up quickly and there are very few seams to join up! The only reservation I have with the pattern is that there are no buttonholes, so I've added one. Now I can finally go and see the new arrival!

This has been a rather productive weekend, all things considered! It's not often I have even one thing to blog about on #HandmadeMonday! I've been meaning to make these mug-hunger samples for a lovely local cafe for ages, as something I might sell with them. So now I have these to show them later today:

And, finally - I made these gorgeous cookies from a recipe in the Guardian magazine a couple of weeks ago. You can find the recipe here: The cookies are luscious, really chocolately, and the pecan praline tastes lovely in them. Having said that, the praline took just *ages* to make - probably because I was very nervous about burning the sugar, so I didn't turn it up high enough to melt it. Because you have to make the praline first, these biscuits take slightly longer than other cookies, but we are just loving them.



  1. wow you have been busy! well done on finishing the jumper :)

  2. The baby sweater turned out so cute! The cookies you made look delicious!

  3. What a cute little jumper, I'm sure the parents will love it.

  4. Oooo I saw these this morning! Was having coffee with a couple of friends and saw the mug cosies and thought 'they're handknitted'. Funny to see them here now and realise they were yours :-) You know what, I think we've probably been in the same place at the same time a few times, not realising who the other was ;-)

    1. Oh, how funny! Yes, we're going to - I think - sell some through the cafe and make a donation each time to the hospice. Yes, we probably have! Secret knitters!