Wednesday, 3 April 2013

#WIP Wednesday - one mustard colour beret

This post has an experimental air to it - and consequently might be rather short! - as I'm using an app called Blogsy to write it on my iPad. Let's hope I've remembered everything from their How To videos!

My current WIP is a beret from the Sirdar Eco DK book. I am hoping for a Land Girl vibe, but I've been told it might make me look like a daffodil, if I wear it with my green coat. But does that matter? I think not. It might actually be rather nice. The yarn is my bargain purchase from Lois Mickleburgh's Ipswich shop, Jenny Wren's Yarns. It's SMC Extra Soft Merino Cotton which is lovely and soft and hopefully Spring- like!

Right: fingers crossed that this posts!



  1. so, if I spot a lady with a green coat and a yellow beret on Bury St Edmund's market looking like she's escaped from one of the plant stalls, I know it's you... ;-)

  2. Lovely color!
    I can read your post perfectly :)

  3. The yarn colour definitely has a vintage look about it :) I think you should be able to pull off the Land Girl look!

  4. daffodils are lovely! take no notice and wear it with pride!lol

  5. Thank you, all! Very kind. Let's just hope the circumference is right - otherwise it'll be frogged and made into wrist warmers...

    Hope everyone's having a good evening. Thanks again for the comments. X G