Saturday, 6 October 2012

More Vintage Pattern Goodness!

Another quick installment as I have another charity shop success story! Now, I'm probably *not* going to make the 'sweaters' on the cover - but some of the ones inside are good, and could be tweaked a little to resemble some in shops at the moment. I want to develop a crochet jumper pattern so I'm hoping this book will help me out. I should be delivering snowflakes... but am just too tired! Somehow this week has been exhausting. Still, am making a stiff cup of coffee and preparing to continue knitting my sister's birthday present!


  1. The new The Works shop next to WH Smith (so who planned that then?!) has a few vintage knitting/crocheting books on their first floor. It was a bit manic when I went in yesterday but I suppose that was to be expected on their first Saturday open.

  2. Great tip! Thanks - have just been to have a look. You're right - they've got a surprisingly extensive selection of craft and cookery books. Hooray!