Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend Knitting and General High Jinks

Yesterday's trip to Cafe Knit was inevitably rather Jubilee-tastic. I'm sure Suffolk has the highest concentration of Union Jack flags and bunting in England; Cafe Knit had some fantastic knitted bunting as well as the great tea cosies in the window. I treated myself to some delicious Debbie Bliss 'Glen' wool to knit a Sarah Hatton cardigan - the pattern looks brilliant, and nice easy moss stitch too - perfect TV knitting. Victoria has 15% off in celebration of the Jubilee, too, so it felt like a great bargain! She has some great Lavenham Blue yarn, too, bred and dyed in Suffolk - I wish I'd bought some of it ... might have to ring and order some ... but how many WIPs can one person have?! There is an excellent review of the Lavenham Blue yarn on another East Anglian knitter's blog, which you can read here:  . Anni tests the yarn's tension and colourfastness and has good close-up photos of it, too.

Saw this rather unlikely headline on the way to the car. There's no tradition of Jubilee spoof headlines, is there??

This picture was last weekend, knitting on the North Norfolk Coast, with Sirdar chunky yarn from Sheringham's Creative Crafts. I'm sure the Queen would rather have had her Jubilee in the 27 degree heat of last Sunday, but I was quite happy knitting and drinking coffee on the beach. So different from today, when our street party had to take refuge from the rain in the church - quite medieval, in its way! A brilliant occasion, nevertheless. Now - TV and knitting are calling!

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