Thursday, 17 May 2012

Vintage Knitting Books - Advice from Agnes M. Miall

This book was published in the 1940s and I saw it in a second hand bookshop. I just don't need it - but the opening page was so amusing about knitting that I had to buy it:

I love the idea of "the woman who sits long hours by herself" who whiles away the time knitting... and the girl who knits on the train "from the suburbs into town" - not so far removed from my life!  The last two paragraphs remind me of Stitch n Bitch: "Tongues may wag", even if we are all knitting and crocheting in a pub rather than around the fire in Mrs Brown's sitting room! How little times have changed - though I suppose there's not much need for a "square kettle holder" these days, even if it would double up as an iron holder.

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