Sunday, 13 November 2011

Real Ale, Yarn and Sunsets

Ah...I still haven't felt like eating anything after a scrumptious lunch at the Red Lion, Stiffkey. They managed to offer all my favourite things: spring rolls, fish & chips.... and I managed a bit of my Lady Friend's Sticky Toffee Pudding - as the waitress had brought us two spoons. I wished I'd had room for more of that - it had a lovely toffee sauce and was delicious. All washed down with their beer, the Stewkey Brew! Then we went for a walk as the sun was going down:

This is part of the Norfolk Coastal Path. The sun was going down and it was almost eerily quiet until crowds (is there a collective noun for this?) of geese squawked and flew overhead, on their way to somewhere warmer, no doubt.  In all of this, my knitting has taken rather a back seat - so I'm hoping to get lots done at Stitch n Bitch tomorrow. Actually, poor Alan Hollinghurst has taken a bit of a back seat, too, as The Guardian is my Saturday read. It's not the same now that Alexis Petridis no longer writes the men's fashion column - he always took such a wry view of the fashion world. Jess Cartner-Morley, in the women's fashion section, sometimes tries to take a wry view...but often fails! And - three cheers for Charlie Coundou: it _is_ possible to write, and live, normally as a gay parent. Still: one cannot live by knitting alone.

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