Monday, 27 February 2012

A Crochet Pattern for A Plant Pot Cover

I tried these because I had a huge tray of tete - a - tete bulbs to use. I was a bit wary, as I thought this might be a step too far, and I might tip from useful knitting and crochet into plain twee... but I think I've just managed to steer clear of twee - thanks to the Burnt Cream colour of this wool. Well, I say "wool" - this is squeaky acrylic (which I usually avoid) but it was just the right colour and perhaps is a bit hardier than wool for this. The crochet is quite simple as it's just five rows of trebles and the piece is slightly shaped to accommodate the plant pot's increasing girth (I can't believe I have just written that sentence). I've joined it along the seam with double crochet as it makes a neat, substantial edge. Spring is on its way!

To make:

Pattern for Spring Bulbs Crochet Plant Pot Cover
I used a terracotta plant pot from Homebase: diameter at top of pot 11cm.  The cover fits snugly, so it should seem a tight fit if you wrap it around the plant pot to see its length before you’ve finished. If it does seem too small at the end, simply add another row of double crochet down the short side before finishing off.
Crochet hook: size 4mm.  Yarn: DK – small amount – less than 50g!
Make base chain of 33 + 3 chain stitches: a total of 36 chain stitches.
Row 1: 2 trebles in 4th chain from hook.  One chain. *3 trebles in 4th chain from hook, 1 chain.* Repeat from * to last 4 stitches. 1 treble in last stitch (which is the top of the turning chain). 3 chain, turn.
Row 2: 2 tr in first chain space (this will look like 3 trebles because of the 3 chain from previous row). One chain.  *3 tr in next chain space, one chain.* Repeat from * to last 4 stitches. 1 treble in last stitch (which is the top of the chain from the previous row). 3 chain, turn.
First two rows then have 8 groups of 3 trebles.
Row 3 – increase row -: as rows 1 and 2 until last four stitches: 3 tr into last stitch (top of chain from previous row)
Row 4: repeat row 3.
Row 5: repeat row 3.
Rows 3 to 5 thus have 9 groups of three trebles.
To finish: Without casting off or breaking the yarn, turn the oblong of crochet 90 degrees and continue by doing double crochet down the short side, picking up about 10 stitches to make a neat, sturdy edge.
Then, making sure the right side faces outwards, fold the piece of crochet in half. Holding the two sides together, do a row of double crochet as a seam to join the two sides together, putting the hook through the stitch loops of the short sides.  Tidy ends and place around pot!

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